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All of our peptides are 98%+ unless otherwise stated. This information can be found on the product page of the respective peptide. Look under the "Additional Info" tab.
Many of our peptide kits come with an information booklet which informs you of how to mix and inject the peptide. Where applicable it also includes dosage information, scientific protocols, reports and known side effects. Additional information can be found in scientific journals, forums or websites on the internet.
All of our peptides come in freeze dried form. Before use this must be reconstituted with a suitable medium; generally, all of our peptides are aqueous soluble and ready for injection. We sell suitable fluids in our store.
For custom synthesis, additional pH balancing and adjustments may need to be made before use.


All of our orders are dispatched in a plain brown padded Jiffy bag. We have no mention of our company or its contents on the outside. If your order is larger than the bags  (eg, boxes of needles), it will be packaged in a box.
We use Royal Mail for our deliveries and a tracking # will be provided upon dispatch, for all orders over £10.
How long will delivery take?
Generally delivery will take 2-3 working days in the UK. For Europe, normally 4-5 days and the rest of the world is up to 6 days. In the rare event that delivery takes longer, we must allow 3 weeks before we can report a package as lost.
We have sent many thousands of orders worldwide and rarely have any issues with customs. In the event that there is, a replacement package can be dispatched.


No, we do not accept returns of products as we are unable to check the integrity of returned orders without voiding the contents.
No. Please research products thoroughly before ordering. Most problems with side effects can be solved by lowering the dosage.